Leah Our Hero

Meet LEAH our Echoage hero

To give to people who need it and to help me be smarter and more artistic (group gift is a mix of bo...

2 days ago

Benji Our Hero

Meet Benji our Echoage hero

“So I could put it on my hot wheels and film what it’s like to drive a hot wheel”...

3 days ago

Dylan Our Hero

Meet Dylan our Echoage hero

Dylan wanted to help these beautiful warriors who are fighting for their lives. And he loved giving ...

3 days ago

Eliseo  Our Hero

Meet Eliseo our Echoage hero

He still doesn’t know what he would like to get!

8 days ago

Everett Our Hero

Meet Everett our Echoage hero

Everett has many friends and many toys for which he is very grateful. We are happy that we could sha...

12 days ago

Leah Our Hero

Meet Leah our Echoage hero

She said she has enough stuff - the best gift is helping others. Holland Bloorview provides services...

15 days ago

Sophie Our Hero

Meet Sophie our Echoage hero

They are fun!

15 days ago

Kayla Our Hero

Meet Kayla our Echoage hero

I love slime so much! This slime costs a lot of money so I used all my birthday money to buy it!...

15 days ago

Maverick Our Hero

Meet Maverick our Echoage hero

I like to use my imagination to create worlds and creatures in physical form. The new tech that is ...

19 days ago

Grace Our Hero

Meet Grace our Echoage hero

I chose a cool fit bit for my group gift and I love seeing how many steps I do everyday ...

23 days ago

London Our Hero

Meet London our Echoage hero

I love hockey and I want to get really good at it.

24 days ago

Marlowe  Our Hero

Meet Marlowe our Echoage hero

This was my first birthday so I didn’t chose a present. I will next year when I’m a little older. ...

26 days ago