Jack and dylan Our Hero

Meet Jack and Dylan our Echoage hero

They were given the option to choose what they wanted and that’s what they decided on. ...

3 days ago

Matan Our Hero

Meet Matan our Echoage hero

He doesn't want to just spend the money on anything. He wants it to be worth it, so he's thinking ve...

3 days ago

Cora and gwen  Our Hero

Meet Cora and Gwen our Echoage hero

We have lots of lovely toys and books we enjoy and wanted to do something to help our animals and th...

3 days ago

Naima Our Hero

Meet Naima our Echoage hero

Because it will be fun.

4 days ago

Seamus Our Hero

Meet Seamus our Echoage hero

I choose donations instead of a gift.

6 days ago

Bennett Our Hero

Meet Bennett our Echoage hero

“Because I liked it”

6 days ago

Jai  Our Hero

Meet Jai our Echoage hero

Starting to get into video games as he's seen his older cousins play them...

6 days ago

Abel Our Hero

Meet Abel our Echoage hero

We’ll let you know once he does.

9 days ago

Mia Our Hero

Meet Mia our Echoage hero

Mia chose the bicycle because she really wants to learn how to ride a two-wheeler bike and ride all ...

9 days ago

Chloe & maya Our Hero

Meet Chloe & Maya our Echoage hero

Chloe is getting more innovative and inventive, building her own inventions with knickknacks at home...

10 days ago

Preston & cadence Our Hero

Meet Preston & Cadence our Echoage hero

"Because we really want one so we can play with our neighbours"....

11 days ago

Ella Our Hero

Meet Ella our Echoage hero

because it’s fun to be outside in the summer and I don’t have any rollerblades. ...

12 days ago