David salles Our Hero

Meet David Salles our Echoage hero

I chose sharing my birthday gift with sick kids because I wanted them to have more money to help kid...

about 8 hours ago

Sasha Our Hero

Meet Sasha our Echoage hero

Love sick kids.

about 20 hours ago

Fionna Our Hero

Meet Fionna our Echoage hero

Fionna loves to scooter! Although she refers to it as skateboarding, she is a natural at it, and get...

about 20 hours ago

Paige Our Hero

Meet Paige our Echoage hero

I wanted to pick my own gift and have decided to get an LOL toy! ...

about 22 hours ago

Zayn Our Hero

Meet Zayn our Echoage hero

To teach our son that giving back is important.

3 days ago

Zoe Our Hero

Meet Zoe our Echoage hero

Teach my child to be kind and pay it forward to others. It’s an amazing idea to also lessen the amou...

3 days ago

Loulou Our Hero

Meet Loulou our Echoage hero

I wanted to do something good for the world and also I wanted some toys. This way I can do both. ...

3 days ago

Ryan Our Hero

Meet Ryan our Echoage hero

I love video games. The party is the big gift from my parents.....

4 days ago

Leigh Our Hero

Meet Leigh our Echoage hero

Because I want the people that go to Sick Kids to be better with my money. ...

8 days ago

Beatrice Our Hero

Meet Beatrice our Echoage hero

Because I wanted to buy a big gift and help out animals. and my mom didn't want me to get a lot of ...

9 days ago

Hugo Our Hero

Meet Hugo our Echoage hero

Because I like Lego and I like Sick Kids.

9 days ago

Eva efston Our Hero

Meet Eva Efston our Echoage hero

A purple Hoverboard!

9 days ago