Catherine Our Hero

Meet Catherine our Echoage hero

I love building Lego sets and I'm learning how to save money ...

2 days ago

Gabriel Our Hero

Meet Gabriel our Echoage hero

Gabriel chose skating and golf equipment because he enjoys ice skating and would like to learn how t...

12 days ago

Julian Our Hero

Meet Julian our Echoage hero

They are cool!

19 days ago

Kashmala Our Hero

Meet Kashmala our Echoage hero

She loves Arctic fox and she wants to save them.

25 days ago

Blake Our Hero

Meet Blake our Echoage hero

I want to learn how to do tricks and jumps

27 days ago

Talia  Our Hero

Meet Talia our Echoage hero

Because it’s a good cause and we have enough toys

29 days ago

Kashmala khan Our Hero

Meet Kashmala Khan our Echoage hero

She loves Arctic foxes and because they are getting extinct, she wants to help save Canadian Wild Li...

about 1 month ago

Juliana  Our Hero

Meet Juliana our Echoage hero

To donate more to Earth Rangers and make a difference for the animals adopted. ...

about 2 months ago

Harlan  Our Hero

Meet Harlan our Echoage hero

I think creating and playing with Legos Is a blast. It’s my favorite hobby. ...

about 2 months ago

Tyler Our Hero

Meet Tyler our Echoage hero

I love playing Roblox and having Robux allows me to have more special things in each game....

about 2 months ago

Chloe  Our Hero

Meet Chloe our Echoage hero

Because "I have recently learned that I love foxes and they are one of my favorite animals now"....

3 months ago

Rhyland Our Hero

Meet Rhyland our Echoage hero

Rhyland has been excited to receive his group gift for weeks. When he opened his scooter on his bir...

4 months ago