Charley Our Hero

Meet Charley our Echoage hero

I would like to make the right decision.

about 2 hours ago

Brielle#17 Our Hero

Meet brielle#17 our Echoage hero

She loves LEGO and wanted to save money to buy a really big set!...

about 3 hours ago

Elle 11th birthday Our Hero

Meet Elle 11TH Birthday our Echoage hero

I want to save my money for something I really want!

1 day ago

Julian Our Hero

Meet julian our Echoage hero

I love to ride with my friends .

3 days ago

Caius Our Hero

Meet CAIUS our Echoage hero

Botley is a fun toy that also helps teach programming and coding!...

7 days ago

Tummeem Our Hero

Meet Tummeem our Echoage hero

Because it was a game where you had to figure something out with blocks, and it was a game which was...

8 days ago

Norah Our Hero

Meet Norah our Echoage hero

She loves to build things and then make stories with her creations ...

11 days ago

Leah Our Hero

Meet Leah our Echoage hero

I chose a microscope because I wanted to see small things like a fern leaf, a crystal, and a gem. ...

25 days ago

Julian Our Hero

Meet Julian our Echoage hero

I don’t need anymore toys and plastic stuff.

25 days ago

Neil Our Hero

Meet Neil our Echoage hero

As a Lego enthusiast, he wanted to keep playing with his favourite toy but is worried about the plas...

28 days ago

Rudy Our Hero

Meet Rudy our Echoage hero

Rudy had no idea she was getting a bouncy castle but she and her sister are both incredibly energeti...

about 1 month ago

Jaime Our Hero

Meet Jaime our Echoage hero

Because he likes making and editing photos to keep as a reminder of his experiences ...

about 1 month ago