Ava Our Hero

Meet Ava our Echoage hero

I bought a few American Girl outfits for my 2 dolls with the rest of the money. ...

about 8 hours ago

Oliver Our Hero

Meet Oliver our Echoage hero

I love building Lego! I can build 9-14 sets by myself even though I'm only 7...

about 12 hours ago

Ellie Our Hero

Meet Ellie our Echoage hero

To give back and help others.

2 days ago

Henry Our Hero

Meet Henry our Echoage hero

Henry really wanted to help animals. He felt that choosing one gift and sharing the rest of his cont...

6 days ago

Carson Our Hero

Meet Carson our Echoage hero

I chose to put the funds towards getting an iPad I have been saving for. ...

6 days ago

Driss Our Hero

Meet Driss our Echoage hero

SickKids is an extremely valuable and needed service. We are thankful to be able to celebrate these ...

8 days ago

Isabella Our Hero

Meet Isabella our Echoage hero

I chose echoage because this year I just wanted to help people instead of being showered with gifts....

8 days ago

Ella  Our Hero

Meet Ella our Echoage hero

This year, I decided this time to donate all the money to charity instead of getting a gift. ...

9 days ago

Jack Our Hero

Meet Jack our Echoage hero

I loved my dog Lucy and I wanted to help dogs like her.

10 days ago

Grayson Our Hero

Meet Grayson our Echoage hero

We are going to Jungle Cat World this summer and I want to spend time with three of the animals, may...

10 days ago

Shiloh & soleil Our Hero

Meet Shiloh & Soleil our Echoage hero

Love of jumping

12 days ago

Adele Our Hero

Meet Adele our Echoage hero

I like that I can choose my own gift from the money I get from Echoage....

13 days ago