Avi  Our Hero

Meet Avi our Echoage hero

Because I love to build Lego!!

4 days ago

Rhea Our Hero

Meet RHEA our Echoage hero

She enjoys art!

8 days ago

Nyal Our Hero

Meet Nyal our Echoage hero

He’s become very interested in speedcubing this year. He went to his first tournament and now he’s s...

14 days ago

Liam Our Hero

Meet Liam our Echoage hero

It's so cool - it has lights and moves around the track with a remote control....

23 days ago

Amara Our Hero

Meet Amara our Echoage hero

It's always better to choose something you really want or save up for something big!...

about 1 month ago

Devon Our Hero

Meet Devon our Echoage hero

Because she wants to take care of animals.

about 1 month ago

Grayson  Our Hero

Meet Grayson our Echoage hero

I choose this gift because I like to play video games and I wanted to add to my collection of scienc...

about 2 months ago

Camryn Our Hero

Meet Camryn our Echoage hero

She got to go to Walmart and pick whatever she wanted!

about 2 months ago

Ronik  Our Hero

Meet Ronik our Echoage hero

I want to save my money and save up for something valuable later on. ...

2 months ago

Henry Our Hero

Meet Henry our Echoage hero

He has a paralyzed vocal cord so typical water play can be dangerous- the water table makes he able ...

2 months ago

Maxine Our Hero

Meet Maxine our Echoage hero

Because she’s going to a summer camp that she’s very excited about....

3 months ago

Jackson Our Hero

Meet Jackson our Echoage hero

I chose rollerblades because I love hockey and I want to learn how to play in the summer ...

3 months ago