ECHOage gives Canadians a unique way to contribute to the causes they care deeply and passionately about

Make-A-Wish Canada

Make-A-Wish® Canada is proud to have been one of the first national Canadian charities to work with ECHOage. Their innovative platform allows children to become philanthropically minded at an early age and give-back to make our communities stronger. The funds raised through ECHOage has helped Make-A-Wish® grant the transformational wishes of children, ages three through 17, with life-threatening medical conditions. Together, with partners like ECHOage, we bring hope, strength and joy to courageous children and families when they need it most. We are thankful for ECHOage’s on-going and strong support!

Autism Speaks

ECHOage occupies the unique position of helping it’s clients as much as it impacts it’s beneficiaries. As birthday hosts chose Autism Speaks Canada as their charity partner, we not only receive donations from the party guests, we make new friends and have the opportunity to spread awareness about autism and the important work that our organization is doing across Canada. The autism community is on the receiving end of the creative and impassioned way that ECHOage is making a difference.

Second Harvest

ECHOAge has been a wonderful partner to Second Harvest since we first started working together in 2012. Over the years, the platform has allowed us to raise over $75,000 for our food rescue program, which is enough to rescue and deliver food for 150,000 meals for people experiencing food insecurity in Toronto and beyond. This is also an ideal way for us to connect with young people in our community who care about food security issues and spark what we hope becomes a life-long relationship with Second Harvest and dedication to helping those in need. Our birthday “Rescue Rangers” and their donors know that they have made a difference in the community through their gifts.


ECHOage gives Canadians a unique way to contribute to the causes they care deeply and passionately about. Over the years, thousands of young supporters have shared their birthdays’ with WWF-Canada, finding a way to have a voice and make difference. ECHOage has given WWF-Canada the opportunity to develop an early and meaningful relationship with young people and it is our hope that these young people will become life-long champions for the environment and wildlife. Their early support contributes to our ability to fund critically important conservation projects in Canada and across the globe.


I have been an ECHOage user since the beginning. It is by far the easiest, most convenient, and meaningful way to throw a child’s birthday party and i am proud to have inspired my friends and neighbours to use ECHOage too. My children have learned to think of others, and to give of themselves, when it comes to celebrating milestone events in their lives. I don’t even have to ask my children to pick a charity to support around their birthday time, they do this instinctively, and it makes them feel empowered by becoming giving members of our community. Thank you ECHOage! You have made this possible for our family.

We are thankful for ECHOage’s on-going and strong support!


I love ECHOage for many reasons. Primarily the platform has given me an opportunity to have many interesting discussions with my children about the needs of others in our society. My children had no idea how many charities existed, and how needed these services are for so many. Just scrolling through the list of charities on the ECHOage website openness up this amazing conversation with my children about how we can help others by first becoming aware, and then raising awareness, and then raising funds. I love this benefit the most each time we use ECHOage! There are so many other benefits for parents, like time-saving RSVPs, and efficiency for the gift-giving, but truly the sense of value my children now possess because they use ECHOage every year is by far the best benefit to me as a mom.


I have been using Echoage for my children's birthday parties for 6 years now and just love the concept! With Echoage I can teach my kids the value of giving to those less fortunate and reduce the amount of toys coming into my house! The website is simple to use as a party host as well as a guest; it's much more convenient to make an online donation then going out to buy a gift. Thank you Echoage for having a positive impact on my children and the world.

Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers has been working with ECHOage for a number of years now as our official birthday party partner- their platform is very user-friendly. So many kids have inspired us with their generosity and altruism - it's been very rewarding to hear from them about why they've chosen to support Earth Rangers through their birthday fundraisers! It's also provided us with an important and sustainable funding source for our education programs. Highly recommend!

Birthday Wonders

At Birthday Wonders, we are proud partners of ECHOage. We are tremendously grateful for all the support we received. It truly shows when a community comes together and impacts those around.

Kids Kicking Cancer Canada

We at Kids Kicking Cancer Canada, love working with ECHOage! They share our vision in making a difference in children's lives. And they have a FUN way of obtaining this! Thank you for this great partnership.

Jays Care Foundation

On behalf of the young people we serve, we are grateful to be partnered with ECHOage, and would like to sincerely thank all participating youth and families in the #BlueJaysCommunity for hosting an ECHOage party in support of Jays Care Foundation. ECHOage is a great platform that teaches youth about charitable giving, and we look forward to working with many more ECHOage heroes that will help to level the playing field for children and youth across Canada.

SickKids Foundation

On behalf of SickKids Foundation, we are grateful for ECHOage's partnership, and to all the children and families for dedicating their special day in support of the hospital. We highly recommend the platform and appreciate all our ECHOage heroes.

Kfar Yeladim David Canada

We are so proud to be ECHOage partners thank you for this opportunity. Looking forward to sharing many more parties and happy times together . On behalf of the children and staff at Kfar Yeladim David Canada - thank you!!!

Action Against Hunger Canada

Action Against Hunger Canada is immensely grateful for our partnership with ECHOage. As the CEO, I am thrilled to share the outstanding success of their Charity Birthdays. Generous families have raised over $35,000 while turning celebrations into action against hunger, providing food relief and malnutrition treatment to thousands of children worldwide. We highly recommend using ECHOage for a purpose-driven birthday. Thank you, Debbie, for your unwavering dedication to our mission.

Marta Bialecki-Jackson

Thank you, Echoage, for making it very simple to invite guests to parties while doing good in the world at the same time. This is our 4th Echoage party and we're super proud and honoured to be able to help out our favourite charities through your well-coordinated service. Thank you and see you again next year!

Jodi Lea Quinn

Love this site. It’s a great teaching tool for kindness. Lots of wonderful causes to support. And it also makes invites, rsvp and thank you notes a breeze!

Marilyn Tran

I enjoyed using ECHOage very much. I loved teaching my son the importance of giving. ECHOage made it very easy to set up: from invitations, to emailing guests, to receiving funds. Guests also loved the idea and many friends plan to use the service in the future. Highly recommend.

Katie Pardon

Wonderful! Such a great way to teach kids how to support others. We spent time discussing the importance of giving, looked at all the charities and chose one that was special for the birthday boy. When he found out how much money he gave to his chosen charity, his face beamed with pride. The process was super easy, from the invite, the donation process and final payment back to us for the group gift. We'll definitely use ECHOage again next year.

Navneet D.

An excellent platform for teaching children about gratitude, charity and being selfless. My daughter was very happy to host an ECHOage party which allowed her to collect money for the food bank. Great concept!


I love that I get to teach my daughters how to give to others and passing on the generosity to make a difference. It also cuts down on the amount of "stuff" in my house that will end up in the landfill. My daughter can choose something that she really wants.

Jessica Glazer

ECHOage is an INCREDIBLE platform. Kids have an opportunity to give to a charity of their choice, and there are SO MANY to choose from, while raising money for themselves. When they receive the funds they have the opportunity to learn how to budget and choose gifts they want as they shop or save accordingly. It's an AMAZING way to get kids to learn about giving and budgeting.