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The art of alternative gift giving.

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Today goes green with green technology.

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ECHOage featured on CBC Toronto

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5 Etsy Party Themes for Your ECHOage Party

For the longest time I’ve convinced my kids that birthdays are best celebrated with the family, usually with a little family travel thrown in. It has worked up to now. Lately they have expressed a desire to have an actual party with friends, games, and treats.

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7 Tips For A Less Commercial and More Meaningful Holiday.

How do you get at least a little of your family’s focus off of the consumer elements of the holiday and onto the stuff that matters? Here are some ideas for cutting down on the stressful parts and getting everyone into a giving spirit.

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8 Examples of Kids Who Are Restoring Our Faith in Humanity.

For me, this time of year is all about the warm and fuzzy feels and focusing on the happy stuff. And in my opinion, nothing is a better representation of all that’s joyful and good in the world than kids.

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Help Your Kids Be More Charitable.

As you guys know, I am an enthusiastic proponent of kids donating to charity and understanding that others may not be as fortunate as they are. Remember last year when my daughter did a SmileTrain fundraiser for her birthday?

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Plan a Birthday Party That Gives Back

I've got birthdays on the brain. My birthday is tomorrow, October 1st, and most of my closest friends have birthdays between mid-September and mid-October. It's a busy time of year - but in the best way possible!

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Birthday Gifts That Give

The idea of Giving Back is what ECHOage is all about. As two mothers who have witnessed the generosity of children and their compassion for others we say "thank you" for leading by example and inspiring countless communities to celebrate and give!

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