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Your generosity will help Campfire Circle provide an unforgettable camp experiences for kids affected by childhood cancer and their families. As a privately funded charity, we rely on the generous support of donors like you to bring healing through happiness to kids affected by childhood cancer from across Ontario—at no cost to their families.


"Camp was probably the first place where I didn’t feel so different anymore. I was surrounded by people just like me having a great time and laughing, and it made me feel comfortable enough to just be myself and not the “kid with cancer”." "To be surrounded by such positive people in such a dark place in my life, and to have had incredible opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without camp has helped me become a person full of life. Cancer may have changed my life, but Campfire Circle made a much larger change." "I remember feeling warm and happy and once I took the wig off and went outside I truly felt like I was myself again. I was finally done with hiding and feeling like the “different one”. Camp was the first place where I could be all of myself."

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