Serena Our Hero

Meet Serena our Echoage hero

She wants to travel the world to learn about the different cultures abroad...

6 months ago

Eloise Our Hero

Meet Eloise our Echoage hero

Eloise is learning to explore with her senses and this is a fun interactive gift!...

about 3 years ago

Marley Our Hero

Meet Marley our Echoage hero

I also like my jellyfish canopy because I’ll be a mermaid princess....

over 4 years ago

Jackson drost Our Hero

Meet Jackson Drost our Echoage hero

I wanted a new bike instead of lots of presents and I wanted to contribute to charity too. ...

almost 5 years ago

Violet westin  Our Hero

Meet Violet Westin our Echoage hero

Heely running shoes

about 5 years ago

Mielle Our Hero

Meet Mielle our Echoage hero

I love listening to music and want new headphones to go with my i-shuffle. ...

over 6 years ago

Luke Our Hero

Meet Luke our Echoage hero

I want a bicycle because mine doesn't really work. And I can't wait to go pick out my own one big to...

about 7 years ago

Patrick Our Hero

Meet Patrick our Echoage hero

I wanted to play at the skateboard park and do tricks on the scooter. ...

over 7 years ago

Teddy Our Hero

Meet Teddy our Echoage hero

Because Teddy is OBSESSED with Lego and Minecraft. And I should mention that his mom might have a s...

almost 8 years ago

Keira Our Hero

Meet Keira our Echoage hero

I love experiences. I really like to learn and sing and dance. So at the Aquarium I can learn abou...

over 8 years ago

Wiley Our Hero

Meet Wiley our Echoage hero

I wanted to have lots of time to think of a really cool present. ...

over 8 years ago