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Make-A-Wish Canada

4211 Yonge Street, Suite 520

Toronto, Ontario M2P 2A9

416.224.9474 ext. 6123

Mission and Goals

Make-A-Wish® Canada is a dynamic wish-granting organization that brings hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Along with the national office, eight (8) regional chapters grant magical wishes to children in need from coast-to-coast. Since our inception in 1983, Make-A-Wish Canada has granted nearly 6,000 wishes. Make-A-Wish Canada is an affiliate of Make-A-Wish® International. Make-A-Wish is the largest wish-granting organization in the world, making dreams and wishes come true for more than 350,000 children since 1980.

How Your Contribution Helps

Make-A-Wish® Canada exists for only one reason – to grant the wishes of children whose lives have been compromised by a critical childhood illness. Your support will help to inspire magical joy for today, hope for tomorrow, and the courage and strength needed to continue on.


Wish Child, Madison: "My wish gave me the opportunity to look forward to something. So every chemo treatment, I just kept thinking about my wish to meet the cast of Glee. I used these positive thoughts as a countdown to get through my chemo and to battle my illness. And, my wish came true!"
Wish Mom, Jody: "The idea of a wish had a huge effect on Zoe and the rest of my family. When you spend that amount of time in the hospital, it is so important to have something to look forward to and daydream about. It became an amazing tool that got us through a very tough time."
Wish Dad, Rod: "A wish is for the days when you are going through the worst, trying to explain that the doctors and nurses are just trying to help. Make-A-Wish allows your child to feel special again."
Wish Mom & Dad: "The impact of the experience on the family is monumental. Being able to spend time together in a normal way, outside of the hospital treatments, has helped us bond again and heal."

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