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Our objective is to raise funds for Immunodeficiency Canada and bring awareness to primary immunodeficiency that refers to an immune system which from birth is either broken or completely missing. It is not a condition acquired after birth from infection or accident. It is a genetic malfunction, unique to an individual, and can affect just one cell or many parts of the immune system. There are more than 250 genetic defects and disorders of the immune system that are recognized as primary immunodeficiency. These forms range widely in severity and symptoms. On average one in every 1200 individuals are affected by this disease an early diagnosis and treatment are vital in saving lives. Some disorders such as selective IGA deficiency can be quite common , occurring in 1 in 300. Others such as severe combined immune deficiency (SCID),occur in one in 50,000–70,000. Approximately 29,000 Canadians suffer from primary immunodeficiency. Over 70% are undiagnosed.

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