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International Child Art Foundation

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Your contribution will help bring the 6th Arts Olympiad to disadvantaged students who lack creative outlets in any U.S. state or territory. Your support will pay for art supplies, protective gear, or workshops materials for


"I am grateful to organizations like the International Child Art Foundation that gives us the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of our nation’s young people. I encourage you to continue to support programs that help children to discover their talents and believe in themselves." - Hillary Rodham Clinton "The positive message of peace and hope promised by the International Child Art Foundation is commendable and worthy of great recognition." - Lt. Gen. Joseph Cosumano, Jr., US Army Space & Missile Defense Command "The festival was truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience... The awards ceremony was clearly the highlight of the week, and of Dianna’s life, probably only to be rivaled in the future by her prom night and wedding day!" - Deborah T. Mazzone (parent) "Your magazine inspires me and gives me fresh ideas." - Karen McNamara, Art Teacher "The World Children's Festival was one of the most exceptional moments in Kate’s life (and mine as well)...she still loves to share the experience with anyone who will listen. She is continuing with art throughout high school and has chosen to pursue an education in architecture, using both her artistic and mathematical loves as her profession. - Monika McKean (parent)

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