Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp

Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp

Contact Information

Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp

Y Country Camp

5400 Westbury Avenue

Montreal, Quebec H3W 2W8



Mission and Goals

To develop tomorrow's leaders by providing children with a Jewish summer camp experience where campers of all ages and their counsellors join together to create a special family, building friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

How Your Contribution Helps

To provide scholarships for those children whose parents cannot afford the benefits of a resident summer camp experience, including Israeli children from the " IVOW program" - Israel Victims of War.


"We simply can't find words to thank you for enabling Sarah to have such a great summer. She loves YCC and cherishes these summers of freedom and fun, and she is beautifully establishing herself as an independent young woman , thanks in great part to these YCC summers." Shelley L.

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