Charity: Children's Aid Foundation of Canada

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Contact info:

Children's Aid Foundation of Canada

Toronto, Ontario M5R 2S9

416-923-0924 ext 252

Mission & Goals:

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is our country's leading charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth in the child welfare system. As an ally; we remove barriers that limit the potential of children who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing abuse, neglect and abandonment; we provide a powerful voice for all those committed to the children we serve; we provide access to the opportunities these children need to become contributing members of society who enjoy healthy relationships of their own

How your contribution helps:

Working with 63 agency partners across Canada, we fund, grant to, and help deliver programs and initiatives that enable vulnerable young people to achieve their greatest potential. With donor support, we will achieve our vision of a future where all children and youth have the strength and resilience to create a lifetime of their own unstoppable successes.


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