Birthday Angels Birthday Party Project

Birthday Angels Birthday Party Project

Contact Information

Birthday Angels Birthday Party Project

2175 Hudson Terrace

Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024

Mission and Goals

Making kids believe in themselves, feel loved and nurturing self esteem is what we do. Donations provide needy kids with a birthday party with their friends. We service 350-500 needy children in Israel every month and send a thank you card to every donor who sponsors a party.

How Your Contribution Helps

Produce party kits complete with games, decorations, music and prizes which we give out for free to volunteers who run amazing esteem building parties. All the games in the kit are about the Birthday Child so they come away feeling great about themselves, loved and that they belong.


Birthday Angels reminded me that birthdays are not to be taken for granted. When I celebrate my birthday I donate so that someone less fortunate than me can have the same fun. Lisa Mandell, Ithica NY

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