Jude Our Hero

Meet JUDE our Echoage hero

Jude loves to laugh and play with his friends and choose to give all donations to Right to Play so o...

over 3 years ago

Timothy Our Hero

Meet TIMOTHY our Echoage hero

He wants to go see a real life hockey game for the first time!...

over 3 years ago

Benji Our Hero

Meet Benji our Echoage hero

Because he thank G-d received so many gifts from family and friends in addition to the donations and...

over 3 years ago

Noah and jake Our Hero

Meet Noah and Jake our Echoage hero

They love working on big LEGO sets that take days to build....

over 3 years ago

Zoe Our Hero

Meet Zoe our Echoage hero

She has an adventurous spirit and loves to play outside so a tent was the perfect gift to keep her b...

over 3 years ago

Eliseo  Our Hero

Meet Eliseo our Echoage hero

He still doesn’t know what he would like to get!

almost 4 years ago

Charlie Our Hero

Meet Charlie our Echoage hero

So more donations would be made and more recognition for this amazing charity...

almost 4 years ago

James Our Hero

Meet James our Echoage hero

We have decided to donate the rest of the money I receive to Right to Play. ...

almost 4 years ago

Henry Our Hero

Meet Henry our Echoage hero

My neighbours play road hockey and I love playing with them and I really want to be the goalie. With...

almost 4 years ago

Mazzy&sierra Our Hero

Meet Mazzy&Sierra our Echoage hero

We want to teach our kids about giving.

about 4 years ago

Cade Our Hero

Meet Cade our Echoage hero

I chose a PS4 keyboard and Play Station gift card as my gifts because I love gaming when I am not pl...

about 4 years ago

Jasper Our Hero

Meet Jasper our Echoage hero

I love LEGO!! I build it all the time with my family and I went to LEGO Land on March Break!...

about 4 years ago