Mason Our Hero

Meet Mason our Echoage hero

I like to read and play video games with my brother.

about 2 months ago

Julian Our Hero

Meet Julian our Echoage hero

Although new languages are challenging for Julian with his acquired CAPD from TBI, he very much enjo...

over 2 years ago

Leah Our Hero

Meet Leah our Echoage hero

She said she has enough stuff - the best gift is helping others. Holland Bloorview provides services...

almost 3 years ago

Charlotte Our Hero

Meet Charlotte our Echoage hero

I wanted to have more dancing and join the dance team.

almost 3 years ago

Marlee Our Hero

Meet Marlee our Echoage hero

I chose a doll!

over 3 years ago

Michael Our Hero

Meet Michael our Echoage hero

Reading and making lego are so much fun!!!

over 3 years ago

Lev Our Hero

Meet Lev our Echoage hero

We chose to give half to concussion research and half to save in Lev’s bank account to buy something...

over 3 years ago

Charlie Our Hero

Meet Charlie our Echoage hero

My mom remembered how much I loved going here when I was smaller! She wanted me to have something ex...

over 3 years ago

William Our Hero

Meet William our Echoage hero

William also loves animals. For his birthday he just wanted a one group present, one but very desira...

over 3 years ago

Victoria Our Hero

Meet Victoria our Echoage hero

Victoria has spastic diplegia, a type of cerebral palsy. Holland Bloorview is a place where Victori...

over 3 years ago

Cole Our Hero

Meet Cole our Echoage hero

I chose 'Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu' as my birthday present because it's the first Pokemon game for th...

over 3 years ago

Alessandra Our Hero

Meet Alessandra our Echoage hero

She has outgrown her old trike and needs a new specialized bike/trike...

over 3 years ago