Jojo Our Hero

Meet Jojo our Echoage hero

I love to play!

3 months ago

Logan Our Hero

Meet Logan our Echoage hero

I am so lucky that i have a lot of friends that come over to play and I think my kitchen will be som...

over 5 years ago

Alex Our Hero

Meet Alex our Echoage hero

I love building and creating

over 5 years ago

Joshua Our Hero

Meet Joshua our Echoage hero

I love LEGO it's my favourite thing to play with. I got to pick a huge Lego set and that is so fun. ...

over 5 years ago

Sophie Our Hero

Meet Sophie our Echoage hero

I love doing art supplies! and when its nice outside my daddy said he will teach me how to ride on a...

about 6 years ago

Coli Our Hero

Meet Coli our Echoage hero

Cuz it's cool

about 7 years ago

Samantha Our Hero

Meet Samantha our Echoage hero

I have some Wii games but I really want to get Mario Kart and love playing with Lego. ...

about 8 years ago