Harlan Our Hero

Meet Harlan our Echoage hero

Legos are super fun, relaxing and the pirate roller coaster is cool!...

about 3 years ago

Jacqueline  Our Hero

Meet Jacqueline our Echoage hero

I think it will be more important and meaningful to me if I can save the lives of cheetahs than gett...

over 3 years ago

Harlan Our Hero

Meet Harlan our Echoage hero

I love Legos. Lego Land is my favorite place. And I'm a monkey, so I climb a lot and do tricks. ...

about 5 years ago

Gaia Our Hero

Meet Gaia our Echoage hero

I like doing gymnastics and at my house I don't really have a place to do it so with a trampoline I ...

over 6 years ago

Hazel Our Hero

Meet Hazel our Echoage hero

Because my dad and I were going on some family bike rides and saw the Alysa 24 at the store. I also...

about 7 years ago

Delilah Our Hero

Meet Delilah our Echoage hero

I wanted a Descendants accessories set because I really loved the Disney Descendants movie, and I li...

about 7 years ago