Jasmine Our Hero

Meet Jasmine our Echoage hero

I like climbing and playing, and I can play with my friends! ...

almost 4 years ago

Riley Our Hero

Meet Riley our Echoage hero

Cuz now those programs that were fun will be even funner!!!...

over 4 years ago

Levi Our Hero

Meet Levi our Echoage hero

"Because I just love building lego!"

almost 6 years ago

Violet and oliver Our Hero

Meet Violet and Oliver our Echoage hero

We didn't know for sure what we wanted so we put something special and both ended up with Lego! ...

about 6 years ago

Keaton Our Hero

Meet Keaton our Echoage hero

I really wanted to try snowboarding and I know it costs money to rent one, so I thought it would be ...

about 6 years ago

Hunter and sawyer  Our Hero

Meet Hunter and Sawyer our Echoage hero

Hours of fun and learning!

over 6 years ago

Aydin Our Hero

Meet Aydin our Echoage hero

I want to get books about adventure and the new Pokemon game....

over 6 years ago

Colm Our Hero

Meet Colm our Echoage hero

Everyone knows I am going to be an OPP officer. My old uniform was for age 3-5 and basically I got t...

over 6 years ago

Prudence Our Hero

Meet Prudence our Echoage hero

Because I need a new bike. My old bike is too small.

almost 7 years ago

Anastasia Our Hero

Meet Anastasia our Echoage hero

So that everyone would know that they were all going to be helping with the charity and my gift toge...

about 7 years ago

Kade Our Hero

Meet Kade our Echoage hero

I chose my vacation because when you go on vacation there is always so much to see, do and buy that ...

over 8 years ago