Alina Our Hero

Meet ALINA our Echoage hero

Her love for books and o fcourse imaginative play with the dolls!...

5 days ago

Isla Our Hero

Meet Isla our Echoage hero

I want my friends to help animals just like I do. This gift really means a lot to me. ...

4 months ago

Jack Our Hero

Meet Jack our Echoage hero

I loved my dog Lucy and I wanted to help dogs like her.

4 months ago

Lauren Our Hero

Meet LAUREN our Echoage hero

I chose a computer as my present because I am starting a new school and need my own computer....

4 months ago

Aj Our Hero

Meet AJ our Echoage hero

I chose to support animals in need even if it means taking more time for me to save for my drum set...

5 months ago

James Our Hero

Meet James our Echoage hero

I wanted part of my present to help animals, but then I still was able to get a LEGO set to build an...

5 months ago

Natalie Our Hero

Meet Natalie our Echoage hero

Because that to me is the best birthday present that I could receive....

6 months ago

Beverly Our Hero

Meet Beverly our Echoage hero

Instead of getting gifts I don’t use, I’d rather have my friends put the money to good use - save an...

6 months ago

Wes Our Hero

Meet Wes our Echoage hero

Wes has wanted a Scooter since his cousins got one last year so he decided to have his friends contr...

6 months ago

Lana Our Hero

Meet Lana our Echoage hero

I chose the gift of a new bike because I 've outgrown my bike and I love going outside and riding it...

7 months ago

Cooper Our Hero

Meet Cooper our Echoage hero

I love bouncy castles because I can do flips and Ninja stuff in the air. ...

8 months ago

Stephen Our Hero

Meet Stephen our Echoage hero

Because Great Wolf Lodge is the best and I love waterslides....

11 months ago