James Our Hero

Meet James our Echoage hero

We wanted to give people something that many of us take for granted. Clean water is essential to liv...

about 1 year ago

Miller Our Hero

Meet Miller our Echoage hero

I love Lego - and I can never get enough junk food - so it was a great combination ...

about 1 year ago

Riley sudds-mcdonald Our Hero

Meet Riley Sudds-McDonald our Echoage hero

I helped by some more fun snacks for my birthday party and I want to save for a new phone....

over 1 year ago

Carter hawley Our Hero

Meet Carter Hawley our Echoage hero

I love Beyblade battle

over 1 year ago

Kuba Our Hero

Meet KUBA our Echoage hero

My old bike is too small and I want the bigger one so I can bike together with Mommy and Daddy. I lo...

over 1 year ago

Dante Our Hero

Meet Dante our Echoage hero

Because you can get one amazing gift and support your charity at the same time. ...

almost 2 years ago

Sasha Our Hero

Meet Sasha our Echoage hero

I love those books and can't wait for summer to be here!...

over 2 years ago

Spencer Our Hero

Meet Spencer our Echoage hero

It's nice to choose your own things.

over 2 years ago

Batman theo Our Hero

Meet Batman Theo our Echoage hero

Actually, I'm a superhero. Batman is my favourite. LEGO is "awe-shome!"...

almost 3 years ago

Nyal Our Hero

Meet Nyal our Echoage hero

I love musicals and I love to sing and dance!

almost 3 years ago

Evan Our Hero

Meet Evan our Echoage hero

I often can't find someone that wants to play as much soccer as I do....

over 3 years ago

Max Our Hero

Meet Max our Echoage hero

Because I'm going to Amsterdam with my soccer team in March and it is expensive....

over 3 years ago