Samantha Our Hero

Meet Samantha our Echoage hero

Because she was always stealing her mom’s- LOL!

about 1 month ago

Nolan Our Hero

Meet Nolan our Echoage hero

I have been saving my Christmas and birthday money for awhile now to try to buy one!...

about 1 year ago

Harry Our Hero

Meet Harry our Echoage hero

Because education is paramount for his life.

over 2 years ago

Celine Our Hero

Meet Celine our Echoage hero

I need a real upright piano for my music education. The keyboard I have is making annoying sounds. ...

almost 3 years ago

Grady Our Hero

Meet Grady our Echoage hero

I like to save my money until I see something I really want. ...

about 3 years ago

Bianca Our Hero

Meet Bianca our Echoage hero

Because I've been saving for a long time and I love iPads. ...

over 3 years ago

Max Our Hero

Meet Max our Echoage hero

Because I think it would be more fun to play games on a computer than Dad’s old laptop. ...

almost 4 years ago

Marley  Our Hero

Meet Marley our Echoage hero

I love slime!

almost 4 years ago

Carter Our Hero

Meet Carter our Echoage hero

I like Mario

almost 4 years ago

Sebastian Our Hero

Meet Sebastian our Echoage hero

I like to play video games with my friends

almost 4 years ago

Sienna Our Hero

Meet Sienna our Echoage hero

I wanted to have a phone

about 4 years ago

Alex Our Hero

Meet Alex our Echoage hero

Contributing to a charity helps children understand both the value of giving and the value of saving...

over 4 years ago