Luka Our Hero

Meet Luka our Echoage hero

I chose it because I wanted to help people rather than just get a bunch of gifts. I got a big gift f...

11 months ago

Palmer Our Hero

Meet Palmer our Echoage hero

Because they are fun and you get to build. I want the Simpson's Comic Book Store, the place, and eve...

11 months ago

Kate Our Hero

Meet Kate our Echoage hero

We have so much already. It makes good sense to give and avoid unnecessary excess and clutter at the...

about 1 year ago

Beckett Our Hero

Meet Beckett our Echoage hero

I knew I wanted to give money but I also wanted to buy a soccer jersey as a present! My friends were...

about 1 year ago

Ellette Our Hero

Meet Ellette our Echoage hero

I love collecting LOL dolls because I can collect them and trade with my friends. Justice is my favo...

over 1 year ago

Luisfer Our Hero

Meet LuisFer our Echoage hero

Because I want to be inside the game and I can do that with the Minecraft Bow and Arro...

almost 2 years ago