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Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero


Fionna Supported

SickKids Foundation

Why I chose to support SickKids Foundation

Fionna was taken to Sick Kids when she had a seizure while shopping for Christmas gifts. It was one of the scariest moments for us all. She was taken to Sick Kids for 3 days just before Christmas. While it was a terrifying time, the hospital did a wonderful job and she was released before Christmas. Testing done had shown that she had febrile seizures and while common, it was not something we had experienced before.

Fionna's Gifts

A Scooter & donating to SickKids

Why I chose my gifts

Fionna loves to scooter! Although she refers to it as skateboarding, she is a natural at it, and gets better each day. It was a no brainer to donate to Sick Kids with all the time we had spent there, it was something we knew we wanted to give back to.