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Changing The World

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Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero


Joshua Supported

The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation

Why I chose to support The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation

I wanted to give money to the hospital so that people there can have nice things. I wanted to give money to the NICU because my little sister was there for a while and they helped her a lot. I also wanted to give some money to the “Liam Armstrong Foundation” Liam was my friends brother who died a few years ago and I wanted to do something nice for my friend Harry. It’s important to give to charity to help people who don’t have what we do.

Joshua's Gifts

Please consider contributing to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and a group gift.

Why I chose my gifts

We like to teach our children about the importance of chairity. It was actually his decision to have an echoage party. He thought it would be nice to help others and make people happy.