Youth Challenge International

Youth Challenge International

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Youth Challenge International

555 Richmond St. W, PO Box 1205

Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1

416-504-3370 ext. 303

Mission and Goals

Youth Challenge International (YCI) builds communities and leaders through global youth development.

How Your Contribution Helps

Your funds will provide critical support to YCI’s youth development programs in South America, Central America and in Africa. By choosing YCI you are helping to create sustainable programming for young people around the world through four interrelated sectors: livelihoods, health, leadership and the environment. You are helping young people around the world to become empowered and leaders of their own communities.


I am continually impressed by the opportunities and support that YCI provides to youth. My experiences volunteering with YCI have been fundamental in my personal and career development and have made me a more active and engaged citizen. I would highly recommend sponsoring other Canadian youth through YCI, to allow them to have some of the same opportunities for personal and professional growth, while also supporting important youth-focused international development projects around the world.
Alison McQueen

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