Cofounders:  Debbie Zinman and Alison Smith

When Debbie met Ali...

Before launching ECHOage in 2008, co-founder Debbie Zinman was already searching for ways to expose her children to the needs of their community and to get them excited about giving of themselves.

Intent on not being the “scrooge of birthday parties” but tired of spending her weekends shopping for endless birthday gifts, co-founder Alison Smith was already dreaming up ways to simplify the process for parents and to involve her children on a more meaningful level.

One chance discussion at a birthday-party pickup and this beautiful partnership was born.

Together — with their advisory counsel made up of their own kids — the newly formed duo committed to changing the face of birthday parties, for good. “We wanted to make it more rewarding for the kids and less work for the parents,” says Smith, a former kids furniture and clothing designer. “But we also knew that no matter what, the giving would have to be associated with a good feeling, versus sacrifice,” adds Zinman, a former teacher.

By the end of year one, thousands of parents quickly began to ECHOage their kids’ birthday parties — the long overdue solution took hold in communities large and small.

A win for all parents and children, ECHOage continues to be the most unique and effortless way for kids of all ages to give and get bigger birthday gifts, while learning about the great feelings that come with true kindness and generosity.

Stay tuned as Debbie and Ali continue to imagine new ways to ECHOage your life.

About all of us

ECHOage is about all of us busy moms and dads who’d prefer to spend time with our kids on the weekends instead of out searching for birthday gifts — again.

It’s about parents like us, who’d prefer to see their kids receive one or two really meaningful, lasting gifts for their birthdays — stuff they’ve been dreaming about, like a new bike, an ipod, a doll house or maybe even a trip — instead of the yearly birthday bounty gone lost, forgotten, destroyed or — dare we say — regifted.

It’s about all of us who believe in making our kids feel extra special on their birthdays, but would jump at the chance to inspire compassion and generosity in them at the same time — if only it were that simple.

It’s about all of us who have made that leap since discovering that it is that simple with ECHOage.

It’s about all of us who are hooked (or will be!) on our multitasking birthday party solution that makes giving and getting equally rewarding to all of our children.

And let’s face, it’s about all of us parents who want less to do and more to celebrate.

At ECHOage, we are modernizing the birthday party experience for both hosts and guests — replacing wasted time, money and gifts with that oh-so gratifying feeling of being a really good parent to really great kids. No compromise (or batteries) required.


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