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Transforming Faces

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Transforming Faces

637 College Street, Suite 203

Toronto, Ontario M6G1B5


Mission and Goals

Transforming Faces provides free comprehensive care for children and adults born with cleft lip and palate in developing countries. We work in partnership with local cleft specialists and fund community-based medical teams in India, Thailand, Laos, Ethiopia, Peru and Argentina.

How Your Contribution Helps

Comprehensive Care goes beyond a single surgery. Our local teams provide children with the full spectrum of care that will allow them to eat, speak, hear and develop socially. A private charitable foundation covers our low overhead, so 100% of all donations to our cleft programs for children around the world


Aleena Sheikh Chaudhery raised $545.00 at her 8th birthday party to help us close the gap in cleft care. We asked why she chose to give up her presents this year: “I asked my mom if we could do this for my birthday, because I have enough toys. I think that I should help other kids if they need help. I feel responsible for them. If no one helps them or cares about them, those kids will not get better. I am happy that my friends helped me to raise money so that every kid could get better, could learn, and live better."

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