Toronto Green Community

Toronto Green Community

Contact Information

Toronto Green Community

40 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 200

Toronto, Ontario M4T 1M9


Mission and Goals

Our Mission is to engage Torontonians in environmental initiatives where they live, work and play.

How Your Contribution Helps

Fund the wide array of our environmental programs that help make Toronto a cleaner, greener city.


I was very fortunate to be introduced to the Toronto Green Community. They are an environmental organization that helps apartment buildings reduce the waste they produce through intensive but interactive education programs. I asked TGC to develop a recycling program in one of my multi-residential buildings where I had the most significant challenges reducing waste and increasing recycling. The TGC team of dedicated members helped to increase recycling by 50%. They also helped with other aspects of greening including educating tenants on water and energy conservation and ecological gardening and worked with the tenants to grow a native butterfly garden that still flourishes today. I would absolutely recommend TGC to any apartment owner or manager who is looking to save money and streamline their waste process.
Pat Miller

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