The Children's Book Bank

The Children's Book Bank

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The Children's Book Bank

350 Berkeley Street

Toronto, Ontario M5A 2X5


Mission and Goals

The Children's Book Bank provides free books and literacy support to children in Toronto's high-needs neighbourhoods.

How Your Contribution Helps

The Children’s Book Bank is dedicated to the principle that learning to read is the right of every child. Since 2008, we’ve been supplying free, gently used books to children and their families who face numerous barriers to purchasing new books. Last year, the Children’s Book Bank distributed over 120,000 free books in high needs communities across Toronto. Your support helps fund all of our programming including Dictionaries for Newcomers, Books for Babies, Books Across the City, School Trips with Story-time, Readers to Leaders and our After School Program.


"Dear Children's Book Bank,

Thank you for the wonderful books! You might not know how much I love books, but I 100% love them! When someone gives new books, my heart is filled with glory and joy! Books give me and other knowledge and adventure. We're lucky because we have books and other countries don't have books. Thanks again!"
- A grateful book owner

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