Skylark Children, Youth & Families

Skylark Children, Youth & Families

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Skylark Children, Youth & Families

40 Orchard View Blvd.

Suite 255

Toronto, Ontario M4R 1B9

416-482-0081 ext. 305

Mission and Goals

Skylark - born from the merging of Delisle Youth Services and Oolagen Youth Mental Health - is a leading Toronto-based charity dedicated to children, young people and their families struggling with complex mental health and developmental needs. We collaborate with children, youth and families with complex mental health and/or developmental needs to enhance their well-being, resilience and capabilities. We provide coordinated access and service resolution to expand the capacity of community partners responding to complex needs.

How Your Contribution Helps

Skylark receives funding from the Ontario Government, the City of Toronto, Health Canada and United Way. However, the demands for our services exceed the funding available. Mental health problems and illnesses cost the Canadian economy at least $50 billion per year. The cumulative cost of providing treatment, care, and support services over the next 30 years in Canada is expected to exceed $2.5 trillion dollars. Youth support programs have been demonstrated to provide better outcomes for people living with mental health problems with investment returns of up to $17.07 for every dollar invested in the community for programs like Skylark Children, Youth and Families.

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