Reading Is Fundamental

Reading Is Fundamental

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Reading Is Fundamental

1730 Rhode Island Ave.

Washington, District of Columbia 20036

202 536 3489

Mission and Goals

RIF is the nation's oldest and largest children's literacy organization and our mission is to encourage and motivate children to be lifelong learners, and we train caring adults to transform children into readers and book lovers.

For 45 years, RIF has been putting books into the hands and homes of our country's most vulnerable children.

How Your Contribution Helps

Put books in the hands of children in low income neighborhoods who may not have any books to call their own. RIF is about far more than just giving away books, though. We give children a path to a lifetime of success. Our distribution method allows children to choose books to own, which both empowers them and increases their motivation to read and learn. We provide a wide selection of high-quality, carefully-vetted books to ensure each child will be able to find a title that is relevant to his or her interests and reflects his or her cultural background. RIF offers additional support through fun, motivational activities and specially designed materials that promote parent involvement and family literacy.


“Dear RIF – thank you for all your great books. These books are fantastic! I wish I could write my own books, whenever I read books I learn new words. Whenever I read books my world changes.”
Jandy 4th Grade

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