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Precious Minds

21980 Highway 12

Sunderland, Ontario L0C 1H0


Mission and Goals

Precious Minds provides support to families with children and youth who have barriers to learning. This includes the full spectrum of learning, physical, developmental and behavioural disabilities.

How Your Contribution Helps

Precious Minds provides support to families who have children with barriers to learning. But, what does that really mean? Some kids learn differently than their friends. Sometimes they have a hard time learning about the things you learn at school, and sometimes they have a hard time learning about how to be a friend. Some kids see things differently, and some kids can’t see or hear at all. At Precious Minds, we like to help those kids, and their families. One of the most exciting things we get to do is have summer camp each year. The kids that come to camp at Precious Minds probably can’t go to the same camp as the other kids in their class, so we have a special camp, called BLAZE Summer Camp. You help us get ready for our summer camp! We want to make sure all the kids have a chance to come and have a good time. Your donation will provide a special boy or girl the chance to come to camp at Precious Minds.


"We are most grateful to all involved in providing a program such as this to these very special children." Robin, mom of Dylan

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