Leave Out Violence (LOVE)

Leave Out Violence (LOVE)

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Leave Out Violence (LOVE)

3130 Bathurst St. #202

Toronto, Ontario M6A 2A1

416-785-8411 ext. 27


Mission and Goals

LOVE’s mission is to reduce violence in the lives of youth and in our communities by building a team of youth who communicate a message of non-violence.

How Your Contribution Helps

Funds from EchoAge will help LOVE continue to provide youth with LOVE’s educational programs in photography, video, broadcasting and journalism combined with leadership training. Through these programs youth analyze and document the causes and impact of violence and propose reality-based solutions.

LOVE youth use the media tools they create and the life skills they learn to promote non-violence youth-to-youth across cultural, political, racial, religious, socio-economic and geographical boundaries.

For a sample of videos produced by LOVE youth, please visit the Youtube links below:


I first joined LOVE when I was fifteen years old. At that point in my life, my one and only lifeline was my journal, although it was also a source of pain. I felt I had reached the bitter end.

A combination of angry divorced parents and being a bullied outcast at school, had driven me into the embrace of narcotics and self-mutilation. I wrote poems about dark skies and short stories with vague references to my real life. I believed no one would ever bother to read the worthless drivel that a lonely kid from a broken home had written. Boy was I wrong.

LOVE gives some kids a voice. For others, like myself, LOVE provides a captive audience and safe platform for the tiny voice inside to grow louder. Just take my personal story as proof: Today I am a LOVE youth leader, assistant editor of LOVE's annual newspaper (ONE LOVE), a published poet and I am on my way to getting a BA Honors’ in English and Creative Writing at Concordia.

I’d say I owe it all the LOVE and it’s almost true. But I also owe it to that little girl with the tattered journal who just needed a little support. LOVE's newspaper(ONE LOVE) gives youth a powerful voice to change the world around them.
Fanny, LOVE Youth Leader Alumni

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