Leave Out Violence (LOVE)

Leave Out Violence (LOVE)

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Leave Out Violence (LOVE)

3130 Bathurst St. #202

Toronto, Ontario M6A 2A1

416-785-8411 ext. 27


Mission and Goals

LOVE believes youth are the key to ending youth violence in our communities. Our mission is to reduce violence in the lives of youth and our communities by building a team of youth leaders who communicate a message of non-violence. LOVE Ontario provides media-arts and leadership training programs to youth who have experienced violence and trauma in high needs and underserved Toronto communities.

How Your Contribution Helps

Funds from EchoAge will help LOVE provide youth with LOVE’s educational programs in photography, video, broadcasting and journalism combined with leadership training. Through these programs youth analyze and document the causes and impact of violence and propose reality-based solutions.

LOVE youth use the media tools they create and the life skills they learn to promote non-violence youth-to-youth across cultural, political, racial, religious, socio-economic and geographical boundaries.


LOVE gave me a chance to end the violence in my life and then showed me how to use my voice and my story to help other kids like me. Growing up, if I’d had someone in my life who dressed like me and acted like me and was there to support me and show me the negative side of my actions, I probably wouldn’t have done many of the things I did. Many kids just need to be heard by someone they can relate to. They need someone to tell them, they’re not alone and if they just turn right instead of left, they’ll be OK. - A. M., 17 years old

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