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Mission and Goals

AIDS is a preventable disease that can be stopped if we act now. Every day, more than 7,000 people become infected with HIV. Grassroot Soccer is preventing HIV in Africa by using the world’s most popular game to break down barriers, build trust, and educate young people to adopt healthy behaviors. Grassroot Soccer works in eight of the ten countries with the highest rates of HIV infection among young people, and addressing AIDS is a crucial step countries need to take to create healthier communities that can grow and prosper.

How Your Contribution Helps

Your support brings us closer to our vision of a world mobilized through soccer to create an AIDS-free generation. We have already graduated over 590,000 youth from our program, and your donation will help us come closer to our goal of saving twice as many lives by educating one million young people by World Cup 2014.


"Grassroot Soccer is restoring dignity and building self-esteem of young girls living in a challenging environment, transforming them into actors for the HIV prevention revolution."
Michel Sidibe, UNAIDS Executive Director, GRS Board Member

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