ECHOage: When will I get my tax receipt?

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When will I get my tax receipt?

The funds you give to a child are split into two, half goes to the child and half goes to the charity (Note: this does not apply in cases where 100% of the funds are being sent to the charity at the request of the family and/or child). In the case where the split is 50/50, and a contribution of $30.00 or more has been made, a tax receipt is sent directly from the charity to you, the guest of the party. This can take take time because of the need for administration and for the processing of a very high volume of micro-donations by ECHOage and the charity partners. Likely the tax receipt will arrive between 2-3 months after the party date. Please contact ECHOage if you do not receive your receipt and we will track it for you and ensure you receive it. Please direct your tax receipt inquiry to: Karen Freedman: [email protected]

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