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How do I as a parent benefit from having an ECHOage party?

ECHOage benefits parents:

  • By creating invitations for your party online, and eliminating the time and money wasted by purchasing invitations and filling them out by hand.
  • By providing an online RSVP management system so you can know who is coming to the party.
  • By providing relevant information on each child coming to your party: whether or not they have allergies or special needs and an emergency contact number so you can reach the parent if necessary.
  • By providing online thank you notes.
  • By making it so easy for guests to RSVP and give a gift to your child in minutes.

These are some of the tangible benefits of ECHOage. In addition to all the convenience ECHOage brings, you the parent get to impart your values to your child in a meaningful way and you give your child an opportunity to do something to improve the world and feel good about giving.

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