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Second Harvest

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Second Harvest

1450 Lodestar Road, Unit 18

Toronto, Ontario M3J 3C1

416.408.2594 X298

Mission and Goals

Second Harvest rescues fresh, surplus food, that would otherwise go to waste, from grocery stores, manufacturers, distributors, farmers, restaurants and hotels. The food is delivered daily to more than 250 social service agencies across Toronto, feeding people experiencing hunger. Since 1985 Second Harvest has rescued and delivered over 125 million pounds of good food, thus preventing more than 70 million pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. For every dollar donated, the organization can rescue enough food to provide two meals to people in need. Second Harvest’s vision: No Waste. No Hunger.

How Your Contribution Helps

Every dollar donated allows Second Harvest to provide two healthy meals to people going hungry in Toronto. 40% of the people who receive food through Second Harvest recipient agencies are children and youth.


"Second Harvest gives food to people who can't afford to buy food. They do this so that people won't be hungry, sad, sick and so their stomachs won't hurt. I felt really happy that I donated money to Second Harvest so that people had food to eat. Whenever I don't feel like eating my dinner, I say to my Mom or Dad, 'Don't throw that in the garbage. Save it for another day or for a snack because because I don't want it to go to waste.'"
Remy Abramson

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