High Park Nature Centre

High Park Nature Centre

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High Park Nature Centre

PO Box 30044

Toronto, Ontario M6P 3K0



Mission and Goals

The High Park Nature Centre is a community based not-for-profit organization that nurtures a love for nature, inspires park visitors to develop closer connections with nature in their city and contributes to the protection of High Park's rare and significant natural areas.

How Your Contribution Helps

Your support will help to fund our year-round nature-based education programs for children, youth and families, including the Nature Centre’s “Nearer to Nature Adopt-A-Class” bursary program that brings children and youth from schools in Toronto’s underserved, high priority neighbourhoods to High Park to participate in an outdoor program at no cost. Students exercise their minds and bodies while connecting with nearby plants, trees, animals, birds and bugs AND lend a hand to help preserve one of Toronto’s most significant and fragile natural areas through stewardship activities. This program gets indoor kids outside and plants the seeds for a stronger connection with nature.


Without exception, every staff member at the Centre has demonstrated not only an immense store of knowledge about the natural world, but also a wonderful ability to convey this information to children in a way that both engages and excites them. We have been amazed by the wealth of knowledge our daughter has accumulated through her years at the Nature Centre and we never cease to be tickled when she teaches us something we didn’t know about the natural world around us. She is able to identify plants, insects, and species of birds, but much more importantly, she is learning to be a steward of nature, always respectful and thoughtful about her own impact on the natural world. - Parent

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