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Engage more Kids from underserved communities in Toronto and York Region in our altruistic programs that allow children to gain essential skills in leadership, teamwork and civic engagement. By igniting Kids passions through possibility thinking and supporting their journey with trained volunteers there are no limits to what Kids can do. Whether they are lobbying with government officials, soliciting support for an animal shelter or collecting supplies for the homeless, Kids are the change they wish to see in their community. Some of our transformational programs include: -Ready, Set, Goal! Involves Kids aged 9 to 12 years old who are matched with trained ‘KidCoaches’ over a period of 6 months. KidCoaches inspire and empower Kids to create and accomplish their ‘Goal of Contribution’ that positively impacts their community. -Camp Contribution A fun and interactive week-long camp for Kids aged 9-12 years old that helps build their social awareness through visits to community organizations and short Kid-led community action projects.


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