Children's Law Center of California

Children's Law Center of California

Contact Information

Children's Law Center of California

901 Corporate Center Drive

Suite 202

Monterey Park, California 91754


Mission and Goals

Children's Law Center of California (CLC) is a public interest law firm that provides legal representation to tens of thousands of children impacted by abuse and neglect. We ensure the well being and future success of children through a multi-disciplinary and informed approach to advocacy. We are a powerful voice for children fighting for educational opportunity, health and mental health services, self-sufficiency and overall well-being.

How Your Contribution Helps

Address the unmet needs of children living in foster care including but not limited to participation in extracurricular activities, the purchase of school supplies and uniforms, orthodontia care, etc. Additionally, donated funds will aid us in supporting programs designed to secure better educational, mental health and other outcomes for children.

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