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When you choose the Children’s Bridge Foundation, you’re helping to give orphaned and abandoned children in the developing world the opportunity for a brighter future. Dedicated to supporting health and education programs for these kids in need, this year we’re focusing on key projects, including: • China: Helping children with HIV/AIDS receive an education. We're providing a teacher for children living with HIV at the Elim Group Home. At the Elim Group Home, children receive the medical treatment and care they need in order to stay healthy. Unfortunately, once the local schools discovered their HIV+ status, the children were no longer welcome and "home schooling" has become a necessity. Children's Bridge Foundation has stepped in to provide the teacher the children need, as well as professional development and workshops for caregivers supporting the kids. • Kenya: Quality education for kids at GOF orphanage. We work with an orphanage in Watamu, a small village on the Kenya coast, to provide educational support for children currently living its care. For orphaned children in Kenya, education can be a pathway out of poverty. We're providing sponsorship for school-age children living at the orphanage, giving them the opportunity to get a quality education at private schools in nearby Gede, and a chance at a better life. We welcome you to learn more about the Children’s Bridge Foundation and our programs by visiting our site at Thank you!


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