Canadian Friends of Pearl Children

Canadian Friends of Pearl Children

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Canadian Friends of Pearl Children

119 Ross Avenue, Suite 201

Ottawa, Ontario K1Y0N6

Mission and Goals

The children of Uganda need our help! Victims of war and poverty, many children live in poor conditions, fall ill with diseases that are preventable, and have to work in the fields instead of going to school. Our mission is to give these children a hand up. Help us make a difference today!

How Your Contribution Helps

Your contributions will help support a child in Uganda! Your support will include: Payment of tuition fees and uniform so that they can attend a good school, buy food for them so they can focus on their studies, and pay for medical treatment if they become sick. If you would like to get in contact with the child you are helping please contact us! You could become a penpal and make a friend on the other side of the world!


Hi mama Dvora, I hope you still remembering me! I struggled to open this email with my computer teacher in order to send you a big thank for what you did for me, for sure I was not expecting any thing and I was about to reach to the end of my life and you saved me therefore I thank you for your contribution, a part from me but you have also saved over million of people’s lives and I pray that may the lord of the Heaven keeps you all times and seasons because you’re a very important person in this world and I thank you for that spirit! Yours sincerely Angelah Rebecca.

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