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When you invest in an athlete’s Olympic journey, you provide the key resources needed to propel them over the finish line - and inspire a nation. The Canadian Olympic Foundation is the only Foundation in Canada that raises funds to support athletes at all stages of their Olympic journey – from the spark of an Olympic dream to the moment they step on the Podium and beyond their competition days. There is a meaningful gap in funding that limits Team Canada athletes’ access to key resources. When you give to the Canadian Olympic Foundation, you can become the bridge that helps them reach their next level of performance on the path to the podium. Be the power behind their potential - turn Team Canada athletes’ potential into Olympic possibility. “I have been fortunate to receive funding from donors like you, so I know firsthand the impact it can make. We are so grateful for funds we’ve received that help us source equipment or access training facilities, consult sport medicine experts, and allow our coach to join us on the road. With more supports in place, we started seeing results on the world stage.” - Melissa Humana-Paredes, Olympian and Beach Volleyball World Champion

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