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Contributions will help us to set up our annual Clothing Exchange in an online platform which includes getting warehouse facilities for receiving, sorting, cataloguing and storing donated items.


We were unable to host our annual Clothing Exchange in 2020 due to COVID-19. Our dream is to set up an online Clothing Exchange so women are still able to get clothing and accessories for themselves and their children.


We were asked various times during 2020 if we had certain items in storage, but without the ability to sort and catalogue our donations, we were unable to help.


The Clothing Exchange is held annually in Toronto and Ajax and it is a FREE shopping spree for women and children.  We collect very gently used and new clothes, toys, books, small furniture and other household items. We invite women from shelters and community organizations across the GTA to the day of shopping. At the moment all donated items are in storage and we are unable to sort and catalogue them.


The online platform would allow us to post pictures of items with size availability, women can log in and order the items they need and we do contactless delivery. This way that needed winter coat or boot or pots and pans, or toys and books for their children is still available and they can save the moneys they would spend on these items and use it somewhere else in their tight budget.

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