Isla Our Hero

Meet Isla our Echoage hero

Isla LOVEs to bake, and LOVEs sweet treats! Plus, then she can share the goodies with her friends an...

about 1 month ago

Madison Our Hero

Meet Madison our Echoage hero

Fun for everyone

3 months ago

Madison Our Hero

Meet Madison our Echoage hero

Cause my bday is in the summer and is something that all my friends can enjoy!...

4 months ago

Catherine Our Hero

Meet Catherine our Echoage hero

I love building Lego sets and I'm learning how to save money ...

about 1 year ago

Layla's 4th birthday Our Hero

Meet Layla's 4th Birthday our Echoage hero

Because puzzles are tricky and bathing suits are good for beaches. ...

almost 2 years ago

Sasha  Our Hero

Meet Sasha our Echoage hero

I like to draw, build and play with LOLs.

about 2 years ago

Gabby Our Hero

Meet Gabby our Echoage hero

Because i want girls to be strong

over 2 years ago

Isla Our Hero

Meet Isla our Echoage hero

Because I want to make a difference!

over 2 years ago

Bianca Our Hero

Meet Bianca our Echoage hero

We felt as a family that it is easy for people to just buy a gift . We wanted people that were invit...

over 2 years ago

Sophia to help  Our Hero

Meet Sophia To help our Echoage hero

Because sharing is caring.

over 2 years ago

Chloé Our Hero

Meet Chloé our Echoage hero

It was important to us to share the generosity of others’ gifts with this organization and raise awa...

almost 3 years ago

Lenny Our Hero

Meet Lenny our Echoage hero

We really wanted to make a difference and help stop this to enable more empowered stronger girls and...

about 3 years ago