Austen Our Hero

Meet Austen our Echoage hero

My birthday falls around the same time as Hanukkah and Christmas, a time of giving. I wanted to give...

over 3 years ago

Hudson beder Our Hero

Meet Hudson Beder our Echoage hero

So that I can help make children’s dreams of a real life come true....

about 4 years ago

Macy waters  Our Hero

Meet Macy Waters our Echoage hero

Because the money will be used for Macy's future which we hope will be filled with lots of fun times...

over 4 years ago

Lucas Our Hero

Meet Lucas our Echoage hero

I wasn't sure what I wanted - I didn't really want anything specific....

about 5 years ago

Gabby Our Hero

Meet Gabby our Echoage hero

A hover board is so much fun and I have always wanted one. Also I can go places with it with out hav...

over 6 years ago

Gregory Our Hero

Meet Gregory our Echoage hero

I know a lot of people who don't like video games but have the 3DS. I really wanted it because two ...

over 6 years ago

Noah Our Hero

Meet Noah our Echoage hero

I changed it to a long board because it's faster and doesn't get boring. ...

over 6 years ago

Ben Our Hero

Meet Ben our Echoage hero

Ben is becoming an excellent tennis player and is ready to get a more professional racket; Ben's bro...

almost 7 years ago

Victoria Our Hero

Meet victoria our Echoage hero

I play elite ice hockey and really enjoy it, but in the summer there isn't much of it, so I will kee...

about 7 years ago

Charlie & sienna Our Hero

Meet Charlie & Sienna our Echoage hero

So we can go to school when we are older and learn lots of things (the donations are put in an educa...

about 7 years ago

Nolan Our Hero

Meet Nolan our Echoage hero

I really like Lego and I always build with it

about 7 years ago

Soldano Our Hero

Meet Soldano our Echoage hero

Lego is fun to build and interesting. It keeps me busy doing something I like other than playing on...

over 7 years ago