Gabby Our Hero

Meet Gabby our ECHOage Birthday Hero

Since my birthday isn’t that far from Christmas I decided to save the money and wait for something I...

8 months ago

Ariel Our Hero

Meet Ariel our ECHOage Birthday Hero

I really wanted a 2 wheel scooter. I got one from a garage sale a few years ago but the breaks didn’...

about 5 years ago

Hannah Our Hero

Meet Hannah our ECHOage Birthday Hero

These things will give me skills I can use forever as opposed to material things I might get tired o...

over 7 years ago

Dj Our Hero

Meet DJ our ECHOage Birthday Hero

I choose a bike because I want to ride my bike, I like bikes. I am going to use my magic wand to do ...

about 8 years ago

Matthew Our Hero

Meet Matthew our ECHOage Birthday Hero

I would like to learn how to ride a two wheeler. I will give my little brother my training wheels....

over 8 years ago