Matan Our Hero

Meet Matan our Echoage hero

He doesn't want to just spend the money on anything. He wants it to be worth it, so he's thinking ve...

almost 3 years ago

Jake Our Hero

Meet Jake our Echoage hero

Jake loves helping others but he specifically always asks about how he can help people who are hungr...

over 3 years ago

Matan Our Hero

Meet Matan our Echoage hero

I want a drone because they are really cool and to see if the tooth fairy is real. ...

almost 4 years ago

Naomi Our Hero

Meet Naomi our Echoage hero

I learned about helping other people and tzedaka at my school and my mom told me that Veahavta helps...

about 4 years ago

Jayme Our Hero

Meet Jayme our Echoage hero

Veahavta is a hands on charity, where you can actively see your donations get put to work. They help...

over 4 years ago

Asher Our Hero

Meet Asher our Echoage hero

I chose a trick scooter because my old scooter doesn't work now, and also my scooter is too small. ...

almost 5 years ago

Rayah Our Hero

Meet Rayah our Echoage hero

Because she loves going to shows, and we want to build her love of science with this neat circuitry ...

about 5 years ago

Harli Our Hero

Meet Harli our Echoage hero

Because I am going to bike camp and I need a new bike because my other one is too small and I can't ...

over 6 years ago