Maverick Our Hero

Meet Maverick our Echoage hero

I like to use my imagination to create worlds and creatures in physical form. The new tech that is ...

26 days ago

Grace Our Hero

Meet Grace our Echoage hero

I chose a cool fit bit for my group gift and I love seeing how many steps I do everyday ...

29 days ago

Marlowe  Our Hero

Meet Marlowe our Echoage hero

This was my first birthday so I didn’t chose a present. I will next year when I’m a little older. ...

about 1 month ago

Ben  Our Hero

Meet Ben our Echoage hero

I chose a Nintendo Switch so the whole family can share it. ...

about 1 month ago

Jonah Our Hero

Meet Jonah our Echoage hero

Jonah wanted to purchase a new scooter as well as to give back to children in need....

about 1 month ago

Owen Our Hero

Meet Owen our Echoage hero

Children with an illness needs extra care and i hope that this donation can help them with further r...

about 1 month ago

Dylan Our Hero

Meet Dylan our Echoage hero

I like to ride in the Don Valley with my dad and needed a bigger bike. ...

about 2 months ago

Mathias Our Hero

Meet Mathias our Echoage hero

Because that way I can choose my gift and I get to help other kids be healthier....

about 2 months ago

Oliver Our Hero

Meet Oliver our Echoage hero

I love building Lego! I can build 9-14 sets by myself even though I'm only 7...

about 2 months ago

Ellie Our Hero

Meet Ellie our Echoage hero

To give back and help others.

2 months ago

Driss Our Hero

Meet Driss our Echoage hero

SickKids is an extremely valuable and needed service. We are thankful to be able to celebrate these ...

2 months ago

Victoria  Our Hero

Meet Victoria our Echoage hero

We want to teach Victoria the act of giving and the feeling you get when you do. It’s a gift in itse...

2 months ago