Ruby gold Our Hero

Meet Ruby Gold our Echoage hero

"I chose art supplies because I love to paint and be creative. It makes me feel happy to paint"....

27 days ago

Seamus Our Hero

Meet Seamus our Echoage hero

I choose donations instead of a gift.

about 1 month ago

Mia Our Hero

Meet Mia our Echoage hero

Mia chose the bicycle because she really wants to learn how to ride a two-wheeler bike and ride all ...

about 2 months ago

Kate Our Hero

Meet Kate our Echoage hero

She loves to wash dishes and play in the water.

about 2 months ago

Mark  Our Hero

Meet Mark our Echoage hero

So he can dream big!!!

about 2 months ago

Kara Our Hero

Meet Kara our Echoage hero

Because I have lots of toys already

2 months ago

Grace  Our Hero

Meet Grace our Echoage hero

LOL dolls are so much fun, you can change their outfits and play different games with them. I love p...

4 months ago

Noah safa Our Hero

Meet Noah Safa our Echoage hero

Noah loves playing tennis and learning to play guitar, Noah thinks all kids should be healthy to be...

4 months ago

Fionna Our Hero

Meet Fionna our Echoage hero

Fionna loves to draw and write. She would make pictures on her old etch-a-sketch so we had an update...

4 months ago

Nesil dogan Our Hero

Meet Nesil Dogan our Echoage hero

Hallows Express

4 months ago

Bobby Our Hero

Meet BOBBY our Echoage hero

Bobby gives each year to Sick Kids Foundation. He really is looking forward to his iPAD as well. ...

4 months ago

Benjamin Our Hero

Meet Benjamin our Echoage hero

He has been saving his allowance to buy them and now he can use his birthday money to buy the toys. ...

4 months ago