Bianca Our Hero

Meet Bianca our Echoage hero

She loves the sport and wants to be safe

about 3 years ago

Gabe Our Hero

Meet Gabe our Echoage hero

Because my old bike is too small and I would like a certain type now, so I'm saving money for it....

over 3 years ago

Julieta Our Hero

Meet Julieta our Echoage hero

I chose to give 50% of what I got because i felt it was fair, and it could help out the camp. ...

about 4 years ago

Chase Our Hero

Meet Chase our Echoage hero

I want to be a hockey goalie in the NHL and I wanted to start practicing....

about 4 years ago

Noa Our Hero

Meet Noa our Echoage hero

We love supporting camp ooch. We wanted our family and friends to help us contribute to this wonderf...

about 4 years ago

Brody Our Hero

Meet Brody our Echoage hero

At 2 year's old, Brody has more toys and material things than I care to admit so when choosing gifts...

over 4 years ago

Maddie Our Hero

Meet Maddie our Echoage hero

Maddie is a cancer survivor and wants to help other children with cancer. That is more important tha...

over 4 years ago

Ariella Our Hero

Meet Ariella our Echoage hero

Because instead of gifts, I could give a gift to someone else and a gift to me and I can do whatever...

over 4 years ago

Taylor bobbie Our Hero

Meet Taylor Bobbie our Echoage hero

I wanted to donate half my money/gift to camp ooch because I have enough stuff already and want othe...

over 4 years ago

Skyler Our Hero

Meet Skyler our Echoage hero

Besides helping Camp Oochigeas Skyler chose as group gift a lego set because he loves to build!...

over 4 years ago

Landen Our Hero

Meet Landen our Echoage hero

Hockey is my favourite sport and I wanted to be able to practice outside for the summer ...

almost 5 years ago

Noah Our Hero

Meet Noah our Echoage hero

My son loves sports and the outdoors, he wanted rollerblades for his birthday. He also wanted kids ...

almost 5 years ago