Jonah Our Hero

Meet Jonah our Echoage hero

Because I wanted something fun to do.

over 4 years ago

Kennedy Our Hero

Meet Kennedy our Echoage hero

I love my American Girl doll and I’m excited to give her some nice furniture, so we can play togethe...

over 4 years ago

Braeden  Our Hero

Meet Braeden our Echoage hero

These are a few things that I really wanted. I love Lego ninjago and I putting Lego sets together my...

almost 5 years ago

William Our Hero

Meet William our Echoage hero

I decided to use some of my money for new Legos and I've wanted these things for a couple of years. ...

almost 5 years ago

Luke Our Hero

Meet Luke our Echoage hero

I chose those present because I like to play basketball, play Xbox games with my brothers, and build...

over 5 years ago

Gabriel Our Hero

Meet Gabriel our Echoage hero

I love fishing. I often fish from Capitola'a wharf; that's what I did with my friend for my birthday...

almost 6 years ago

Chantal Our Hero

Meet Chantal our Echoage hero

When my mommy and I went to the music store, Mommy was getting her guitar fixed and I just sat down ...

over 6 years ago

Guy Our Hero

Meet Guy our Echoage hero

Guy loves to build things.

about 7 years ago

Carter and hadley Our Hero

Meet Carter and Hadley our Echoage hero

We believe that experiences together are much more valuable and last longer than toys. And Carter wi...

over 7 years ago

Tassie Our Hero

Meet TASSIE our Echoage hero

I like the size of it and so I can communicate with people like my mom when I'm not at home b...

over 7 years ago

Kennedy Our Hero

Meet Kennedy our Echoage hero

I love to learn and my family travels often. So this will help me learn to read - on the go!...

over 7 years ago