Elinor Our Hero

Meet Elinor our Echoage hero

Elinor loves imaginative play and playing board games with her family and friends, especially her bi...

over 2 years ago

Landon Our Hero

Meet Landon our Echoage hero

We chose to put the rest in a college fund for Landon because not only did everyone provide a donati...

almost 3 years ago

Quintyn  Our Hero

Meet Quintyn our Echoage hero

Because he really likes Karate

almost 3 years ago

Gabriel  Our Hero

Meet Gabriel our Echoage hero

I had a hard time thinking about what I wanted. I decided to wait and think about what I really want...

about 3 years ago

Cooper Our Hero

Meet Cooper our Echoage hero

I love hockey and video games

over 3 years ago

William Our Hero

Meet William our Echoage hero

I wanted to help people and also put the money towards a gift I’ve been asking for ...

over 3 years ago

Lucas Our Hero

Meet Lucas our Echoage hero

I want all the children sick children to be with their families. I have lots of toys already so I wi...

over 3 years ago

Annie Our Hero

Meet Annie our Echoage hero

We felt like it was important to choose an organization that was visible in our community and that A...

over 3 years ago

Victoria Our Hero

Meet Victoria our Echoage hero

Our daughter is very fortunate and received many gifts from her family so we felt we would prefer to...

about 4 years ago

Hannah Our Hero

Meet Hannah our Echoage hero

With Hannah's birthday so close to Christmas, we get overwhelmed with stuff in the house. I came ac...

over 4 years ago

Liam Our Hero

Meet Liam our Echoage hero

I love Lego and really wanted to get a Big set because I never had one before!...

about 5 years ago